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First mosh pit

Posted by BroSkullEmoji - 2 days ago

Hey ya'll :3

So I think some people know that I love Metal and hardcore punk, but I've never been into an actual concert, currently I have more shows in mind these next months, but a couple days ago I went to a local show with like 40 people, counting the bands so it was like 15 fans.

I went to see a friend's friend's band, they're brutal death metal and it was literally their second show ever, still the crowd was feeling it and even asking for one more song.

There were like 5 different pits while that band was playing, I got into 3 and they were short and with little people but intense, I almost went flying like 3 times :skullemoji:

I really liked it, it was my first pit ever, soooo idk, AMA if u want lol.




I need to piss and shit but theres no toulet paper

Use the wall

How did you not die or go deaf there?

The band wasn't playing super loud and despite my femboy ahh build I was able to survive

That's so great! I would regularly support a couple of bands in the DFW area, and moshing is so much more special in those intimate, smaller-venue settings. In my older age, I'm finding pits in larger shows, larger venues to be way less fun than the fond memories I had in my college years. Always set the pace for a great community by stopping what you're doing and helping people out the MOMENT someone falls, because trampling is no joke.

That's awesome, local bands may have good music but the shows are usually equally good or even better.

Lmao nice. I usually hang out around the edge of the pit but occasionally hop in. Amon Amarth had an epic fuckin pit complete with a wall of death and a moment where we all got on the ground and pretended to row. Good stuff.

Never saw Amon Amarth live but that sounds really cool, I have a Cannibal Corpse concert in mind around october.

femboy? lol beware kid if you go and there are some old school into some antiposer skinhead stuff like master, blasphemy, slayer, malevolent creation, kvikksolvguttene, etc and the sound is metal as fuck they may want to kill you right there lol

I hope they don't realize that I listen to suicide silence (i'm ready to pull my skinless and cephalotripsy trap cards)

@BroSkullEmoji that some poser kid stuff indeed

@BroSkullEmoji Cannibal Corpse & Mayhem? Just snagged tickets to the show in Denver!! It'll be my third time seeing CC, and my fourth time seeing Mayhem. Gonna be awesome! \m/